Be more effective by researching faster and better with the power of AI

A scientific research platform to drive new knowledge in genetics

The GeneRecommender genomic platform constitutes a new free tool for life science researchers to discover new targets, optimize resources for the analysis, and gather new insights about their current research topics.

Functionalities and features

GeneRecommender provides you with suggestions as to which other genes and proteins may relate to your current research. For that purpose, we have developed a Deep Learning Neural Network that is trained on all available scientific literature and is able to predict which targets you might consider. 

In spite of the complexity of our artificial intelligence engine, leveraging AI to provide support to your research is easy. You will be asked to insert genes and diseases related to your current research topic, and you will be presented with up to 50 new targets suggested by the AI.

Keeping you in the best possible position for efficiency and effectiveness is important to us because we know the nature of your job is extremely challenging. To that end, GeneRecommender offers various features designed to assist your scientific research.

Easy import from files or genesets
Choose a standard geneset related to a pathway, disease, or chemical or import a file containing all the genes related to your research
Save and edit your queries
You will find your past and saved searches on the first page. You can edit them and move on to the next step
Direct external links to gather insights
Easily access valuable online resources without wasting time in order to explore "unexpected" suggestions
Filter recommendations
You can filter the 50 recommender genes by tissue, type of gene, and chromosome to find what you're looking for
On-platform analysis tool - Enrichment analysis
Take advantage of the integrated analysis tool, gene enrichment of pathway and disease available within the platform

Get the most out of the GeneRecommender

GeneRecommender is a versatile tool that can benefit researchers like yourself across a wide range of projects and scenarios. While the potential applications are virtually limitless, developers have identified specific areas where its impact on research projects can be particularly profound. The system was designed to mimic the reasoning process of a genomic researcher, automating the steps that lead from a hypothesis to a discovery. To explore further, read the details below.



The platform is designed to be as intuitive as possible, however we have provided a video tutorial that covers all the features developed to make your recommendation tailored to suit your needs!

Price & Sponsorship

After dedicating years to developing the AI system powering GeneRecommender, we have decided to offer it free of charge to the academic community due to the crucial role they play in advancing modern society. To sustain this project, we have partnered with reagent distributors, with one sponsor per country, who have generously agreed to support the platform.

As a result, within the platform, you will find the name of the company that has provided this valuable tool free of cost. Additionally, each recommended gene will be accompanied by a direct link to their product catalogue, allowing easy access to their webshop. If you are a researcher affiliated with a commercial entity or wish to utilize the system for commercial purposes, please contact us through the provided link.

We are pleased to inform non-profit researchers that they can enjoy lifelong access to GeneRecommender at no cost, all thanks to our kind sponsors. For more in-depth information, please refer to the detailed documentation available at the following link.

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