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DeepProphet2, our specialized artificial intelligence service, is a powerful tool that can also be integrated into various business workflows, including internal R&D, marketing, and sales activities. By utilizing this system, companies can leverage the advanced capabilities of our GeneRecommender platform to enhance their research and development efforts. Additionally, they can sponsor the platform or integrate the system into their CRM to optimize their marketing and sales activities. With DeepProphet2, life science and pharma companies can benefit from the latest advancements in AI technology to drive innovation, increase productivity, and gain a competitive edge in their respective industries.

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Our DeepProphet2 system offers an R&D option that is ideal for life science, pharma companies, CROs, and sometimes also cosmetic companies. By integrating our GeneRecommender technology, companies can benefit from faster and morae innovative development while reducing costs. As per public researchers, the advanced capabilities of our system enable organizations to streamline their R&D workflows, make informed decisions, and accelerate their time to market. With DeepProphet2, companies can leverage the power of AI to drive innovation in a fast and effective way.


The marketing option entails sponsoring the GeneRecommender platform, which is freely accessible to academic and public researchers. This presents companies with a distinctive opportunity to enhance brand awareness and bolster brand equity by offering something valuable to their target audience without any charges. By sponsoring the platform, companies can maintain a prominent presence in the minds of their customers while simultaneously providing them with a valuable resource that enhances their research endeavors. This mutually beneficial approach creates a win-win situation for both the sponsoring company and the researchers utilizing the platform. It serves as an ideal choice for companies aiming to amplify their visibility and cultivate a strong brand reputation within the life sciences research sectors.


The sales option for our DeepProphet2 system provides life science companies with the chance to utilize our algorithm to drive an AI-powered sales automation. By integrating our system into their ERP/CRM software, companies can access valuable insights regarding researchers' requirements and offer tailored recommendations for their next steps, including necessary reagents, antibodies, and KITs. This enables companies to automate their sales processes and deliver personalized experiences to their customers, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction and driving sales growth. The advanced capabilities of our system position it as an indispensable tool for any life science company aiming to streamline their sales processes and maximize their efficiency.

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