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The GeneRecommender platform has been developed by TheProphetAI, an Italian startup that is developing advanced deep learning tools for the Life Science sector, supporting researchers, universities, and companies working in this field.
As a startup, TheProphetAI provides a variety of AI-based solutions for different actors in this sector to solve their problems. By empowering their users to fully utilize artificial intelligence making use of its recommendation, the startup opens new frontiers for research.

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Please fill out the form or send an email to for general enquiries, media enquiries, or for more information about the GeneRecommender platform and the DeepProphet algorithm.

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Feel free to contact us if you are interested in sponsoring GeneRecommender or integrating this tool into your workflow as a company. We offer different AI services that can support your growth. Or visit our company website

The GeneRecommender can be sponsored by companies. Any life science company can exclusively become a sponsor for one or more countries.
When you are a sponsor, the logo appears on each page, you can contact the users depending on GDPR permission given, and the recommendation is “translated” in your product SKUs and linked to your website.
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