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TheProphetAI, an Italian startup, has created the GeneRecommender platform, which utilizes advanced deep learning tools specifically designed for the Life Science industry. This platform is aimed at assisting researchers, universities, and companies in this field. As a startup, TheProphetAI offers a range of AI-based solutions tailored to address various challenges faced by different stakeholders in the Life Science sector. By enabling users to leverage the power of artificial intelligence through its recommendation system, the startup is paving the way for groundbreaking research. If you would like to delve deeper into their offerings, please feel free to reach out and contact them for further information.


Please fill out the form or send an email to for general enquiries, media enquiries, or for more information about the GeneRecommender platform and the DeepPFor any general enquiries, media-related queries, or if you would like additional details about the GeneRecommender platform and the DeepProphet algorithm, please fill out the form provided or send an email to The team at TheProphetAI will be able to assist you further and provide you with the desired information.rophet algorithm.

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If you are interested in sponsoring GeneRecommender or incorporating this tool into your company’s workflow, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We provide a range of AI services that can contribute to your company’s expansion and success. Alternatively, you can visit our company website at to learn more about our offerings and explore how we can assist you.

If your life science company is interested in exclusive sponsorship opportunities for the GeneRecommender platform in one or more countries, we welcome you to explore this opportunity. As a sponsor, your company’s logo will be prominently displayed on every page of the platform. Depending on GDPR permissions granted, you will have the ability to contact users directly. Additionally, the recommendations provided by the platform can be “translated” into your product SKUs and linked to your website. To further explore this sponsorship opportunity, kindly fill out the form provided, and our team will be in touch with you promptly.