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“GeneRecommender is the new frontier for life science research. Helping researchers by recommending the best gene symbols to investigate obtained by a proprietary AI deep neural network.

It is a free service - under registration - for academic life science researchers.”

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We DO NOT ACCEPT registrations with emails such as Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud, Hotmail and any other common providers.

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The GeneRecommender Artificial Intelligence engine has been trained on millions of scientific papers. The Artificial Neural Network underwent a complex learning process; it considers what has been produced by life science researchers world-wide in the past 30 years, to extract hidden patterns and correlations among genes and diseases.

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is a wide-ranging branch of computer science concerned with building smart machines capable of performing tasks that typically require human intelligence.


Our website is completely dedicated to academic research: researchers can run recommendations FOR FREE, just typing in some of the genes/diseases they are studying. Companies can sponsor the website per country or per area.


Predictions made by an Artificial Intelligence system are not always right but represent a valuable starting point to solve specific problems.


The introduction of Artificial Intelligent systems in your workflow can be extremely beneficial. In order to exploit the full potential of these technologies, the adoption of AI should be carried out in the most appropriate way.

AI cannot substitute humans in their job but can help and support them in their daily tasks improving efficiency and effectiveness. Predictions made by an Artificial Intelligence system are not always right but represent a valuable starting point to solve specific problems.

We believe that the real potential lay in the cooperation between humans and machines. Recommendations obtained from the AI engine should be deeply analysed by experts in order to understand their real value.


GeneRecommender has a proprietary neural network scanning millions of scientific articles and processing about 445 million interactions. This engine is able, given a set of genes and/or diseases in which the user is interested, to suggest a new set of genes that are related and should be considered.

What we do is compress the time every researcher is spending every day searching for the next target interaction.

We integrated data from several public DBs to exploit the most updated information.

Scientifically- based information on reagents and relationships among products has been integrated into the system to enhance recommendations.

Building an Artificial Intelligent system based on a Deep Learning Neural Network has been complex, but what we give to our customers is interactive, simple and user-friendly.

In simple terms, our Neural Network takes a list of Gene-Symbols and/or some diseases as input and process it to predict a list of related Gene-Symbols.


On our platform you can find tools to better understand the result of each recommendation, but keep in mind that we humans are using AI because we are not able to calculate such data!

Together with the output of the recommendations, you will find many external links to the most used online available resources. The main goal of these links is to provide you with all the possible material you might need to deeply analyse the recommendation.

Are the results always correct? Not every time, but keep in mind that if you insert a good number of targets (more than 5) statistically you will get some valuable results. Out of the recommended genes, you will mostly be able to find some good insights for your research.

Artificial Intelligence follows the same process Humans do in a fraction of time. Commonly, researchers like you use scientific literature to better understand their research and to know what has been done before on equivalent topics. Indeed, we are using exactly the same data, elaborated by a powerful neural network that learned what the scientific community has already studied and tested in the past and is able to use this knowledge to generate recommendations.

AI will not substitute your work, but it will help you to speed up your studies with its innovative and crucial insights.


We spent years developing the AI system behind GeneRecommender. We decided to give it for free to the academic community since we know how important their job is for modern society. In order to sustain this project, we asked reagent distributors (one per country) to sponsor the platform.

For this reason, within the platform, you will find the name of the company that decided to provide you with this tool for free. Furthermore, together with each recommended gene, you will also be able to access their product catalogue through a direct link to their webshop.


Recommendations come from a long process that includes:
1) natural language processing, of millions of papers (with specific techniques for biological text processing)
2) a cross reference with the major databases to be more selective on disease, Protein Interaction etc.
3) a neural network that learns how your colleges used protein/antibodies in their study

So the answer is NO, it is not possible to trace back where the recommendation comes from; however, it is possible to investigate recommendations, using them as suggestions, using your scientific knowledge for understanding.
This is why inside the platform you will find the links to the most important databases on the web!

The recommendation is the result of neural network learning; the input is the key (starting point). If you already know the suggestion, it means the recommendation was correct! Try to input these genes as well to get an even better recommendation.

In any case, do not stop if you know some genes you were recommended, but investigate the genes you do not recognize!

Please contact us at info@theprophetai.com to know if you are eligible for this

Generecommender is a free academic service and TheProphetAI pays all calculation costs, hosting and all other expenses. If you decide to share your data with a third-party company, we can increase the number of recommendations available.

Third-party companies are all related to antibody/protein/biological reagent producers or resellers.

Send us an email at info@theprophetai.com with your data. You will be contacted within 48 hours!

TheProphetAI, author of Generecommender, does not produce or sell biological products. The link you obtain comes from your area sponsor.

Of course, you don’t need to buy the eventual products directly from them… just keep in mind that the sponsor paid the cost of the service you are getting for free.

Two-cell embryo, Mitosis under microscope (3D illustration)

Advanced AI

External resources

Easy to use Interface

Personal account

GeneRecommender exploits state of the art Neural Networks

GeneRecommender is built on an extremely advanced neural network able to scan millions of papers. Artificial Intelligence is actively changing the world in which we live and can be applied in many fields. With GeneRecommender you will be able to use an advanced Machine Learning system as a support for your research.

We provide all the necessary resources to analyse each suggestion

Artificial Intelligence is usually hard to explain. The recommendation you will get from the platform might be unfamiliar to you at first. Within the platform, you will find all the necessary resources to explore the suggestion. In our GeneRecommender we provide, together with each suggestion, a list of weblinks that will help you in learning more about the suggested genes and the relationship between them.

The complexity of a neural network with an easy to use interface

Artificial Intelligence systems, Machine Learning and Artificial neural networks are extremely complex mathematical and statistical models. Unfortunately, these techniques are as complex as hard to implement. GeneRecommender will allow you to get the benefits from the AI without having to deal with its complexity, thanks to an easy-to-use interface, with no need for coding skills.

Save your searches, revise them and integrate them with new genes

Within your account, you will be able to save your searches, revise them, add more genes and get new suggestions. Our suggestion is always to keep adding more known related genes and diseases into the input to get better recommendations in the output: Help the AI to help you.

  • Advanced AI
  • External resources
  • Easy to use Interface
  • Personal account


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Is it a good idea?

Spend more time on proteins you are unfamiliar with, GeneRecommender is not meant to confirm what you already know!
If you obtain a known output include these genes in the input and reiterate the research.
You will get an increasingly accurate and innovative suggestion.

Validate the recommendation by exploring the major online scientific services!


but you still would like to use the GENERECOMMENDER system?

Visit the TheProphetAI website or write to info@theprophetai.com.
TheProphetAI offers different AI solutions for companies working in the life science sector, among which you might decide to sponsor the GeneRecommender.com in your country.

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